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How a VPN works
Technically, using a VPN, you connect to sites not from your own location, but from someone else's, random. I'll explain how it works.

Every device on the Internet has its own address. The so-called IP address. It shows where You connect from.You can easily determine Your IP address. And, make sure that sites determine both the IP address of each user and the geographical location based on it.

VPN protects us from unnecessary attention
So, when you connect to sites without a VPN, they will immediately know and remember Everything about you. Automatically.

When you use a VPN, Your device does not immediately connec

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Hong Kong VPN
A VPN is a useful thing. With this feature, we will protect ourselves from hackers. In addition, we will be able to visit sites that are blocked in our country. Moreover, if we just crawl the Internet, do not do anything wrong — it is not punishable.

I think it's no secret that most people use VPN just to access blocked social networks. Well, let's face it, to sites with torrents and porn sites. Well, so be it.

However, security is no less important. If you often pay for something on the Internet, then do not be lazy, use VPN. In this case, the chance that hackers will somehow steal money will decrease significantly.

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