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To all the horror movies fans out there, here is excellent news for you! Marcel Walz’s horror film, Blind is all set to arrive for FrightFest. The previous Walz’s movies had some amazing contents, of course to those who love to feel the chills. The movie’s trailer was released on 31s

To all the horror movies fans out there, here is excellent news for you! Marcel Walzs horror film, Blind is all set to arrive for FrightFest. The previous Walzs movies had some amazing contents, of course to those who love to feel the chills. The movies trailer was released on 31st July, and the audience has been widely accepting it. This year the movie is making all its way to the FrightFest.

What is FrightFest?

FrightFest is also known as Horror Channel FrightFest. It is an annual film festival that takes place in London over the August Bank Holiday weekend. The first FrightFest was held in 2000. The primary focus of the event is the horror genre. Although it also represents a wide range of movies. The festival was run and envisioned by film producer Paul McEvoy; Ian Rattray, a film distributor; Alan Jones, a journalist; and Greg Day, a TV and film PR. They are a force throughout the weekend and very eager for feedback. The festival was held at the Prince Charles Cinema, also known as PCC, for five years. Then in 2005, the venue moved to the Odeon West End (OWE), due to the increasing number of audiences. The festival happened at OWE for three years, and then in 2009, it shifted its venue to Empire Leicester Square. The FrightFest brand is included in the Glasgow Film Festival and the Cambridge Film Festival. Some notable attendees of the festival include Guillermo del Toro, Danny Boyle, Tobe Hooper, Kane Hodder, Neil Marshall, Don Mancini, George A. Romero, Rob Zombie, Park Chan-wook, and Paul W.S. Anderson.

The FrightFest also attracts a more significant number of sponsors throughout its life, like Xfm, Zone Horror, film4, Volkswagen, Lupo, and Play.com. Last years fest was terrific. It was also the 20th year of the festival. The festival returned to Cinewood and Prince Charles Cinemas on Leicester Square. The event was held from 22nd to 26th August in 2019.

Marcel Walz is a German Director, film producer, and a screenplay writer. Walz gained popularity for his genre for the film La Petite Mort in 2009. He did the movie with Michael Effenberger. He also owns a production studio of the name Matador-Film, and he produces a large number of his movies under his own production house. Marcel has created several masterpieces, and audiences love his creation. In the past two years, he did a bunch of films, named Blood Feast in 2016, Rootwood in 2018, and Blind in 2019.

Festival in 2020

FrightFest happens in August every year, but due to the global pandemic COVID-19, the festival is going digital. This year it will feature 24 films along with the short films and Walzs Blind also secured a place on their schedule of 2020. Ever since it started, FrightFest has set the bars for which scary movies are destined to leave a considerable impact on both the box office collection and the genre. It no longer is confined to London and has expanded to Glasgow and the United States.

Marcel Walzs movie Blood Feast premiered at the 16th annual festival of FrightFest in 2016. And four years later, his horror movie was slated to make its debut at the festival. This year FrightFest will start from 28th August until the end of the month. Blind is scheduled for Saturday release, which is on 29th August at 6:00 PM. The time is specified for the Western European time zone. If the audience of the United States wants to watch the premiere, then the time will be 1:00 PM EST, 11:00 AM MT, 10:00 AM PST, and 12:00 PM CST. Although the film Blind will officially release on 6th November 2020 in the United States.

The film surrounds Faye, and she is an actress who has given up her career after losing her eyesight due to complications during laser surgery. She lives in Hollywood and has regained the sense of normalcy in her life. But because of the lack of eyesight, she is entirely unaware of the stranger, who is living in her basement. Since Sophia and Faye both are blind, the Pretty Boy does not even wait for the dark to make his appearance. In the trailer, we can see the Pretty boy keeps Faye safe from paparazzi and also does not leave any moment to hurt anyone, who gets into the way of pursuing her as his love interest. Blind has lots of disturbing moments of stalking when Faye is unaware that she is being stalked.

The above are all the updates about the movie Blind and the film festival FrightFest 2020. I hope you had a great time while reading the article.

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