College applications essays

A vehicle runs over a college student

According to the witnesses, the driver of the vehicle was a police officer who was over speeding. After hitting the student, the police officer did not stop and speeded over leaving the student body at the centre of the road. The students took to the streets protesting of the student killing and they decided to destroy the school property claiming that the school administration was less concerned with the students rights. The furious student decided to put a blaze the administration block. The whole building was set a blaze destroying very important documents and other possessions worthy millions of dollars. This was a big loss to the college because all the documents were lost and all the computers that contained crucial information were burnt. The college had received college applications essays from students who were to join the college the beginning of the next semester. Now they had to make another advertisement to inform the students that their essays were burnt in the inferno. The students had to make other fresh applications.

Some of the students were not informed that the college documents were burnt including the application essays. The students had to reapply again. These students did not make the second application and lost their chance. Those managed to make the second application were very few that the college had to postpone the admission date to the other semester. Many parents had to take their children to other colleges because they could not wait for another semester, as their children were at home doing nothing. After this incident, the administration learnt that it was important to listen to the students cries.

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