I Would Say Most Sensible Men And Women Fall Somewhere

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I'm really glad we were able to have the conversation we did and we're seeing companies place their money where their mouth is. The weekend was rough in my psychological health and outlook on what is gonna get done and that probably reached into Madden 21 coins my comments, and that may still change as the days come and go. But now seeing protests get even bigger and more peaceful than before and visiting companies actually do shit, it makes me a bit more optimistic. Thank you to get a discussion that in least gave me a new outlook. I don't need businesses saying something. In reality I'm fed up with firms stating things. Create your product. Make it good. Then shut up and allow actual men and women speak. Nobody needs corporations to talk for them.

As it's silly bullshit intended to placate dumb white people that can easily be susceptible to this kind of marketing strategy. This marketing tactic where businesses express commitments to fight injustice while avoiding specifics as to what precisely is wrong, what needs to change, and exactly what they are going to do about it. Every single fucking firm does this and it's empty rhetoric. They do not give one fuck. This is the identical EA that censored the word"Kaepernick" from a song in numerous games now in a bid to avoid offending their Cheap Mut 21 coins delicate white player base. So no I am not going to be happy that a company like EA does nothing and anticipates praise for doing nothing. Individuals catching that and calling out it isn't nihilism. It's realism. What does saying something achieve? Why should anyone be pleased about E-fucking-A posing the delay of a game reveal as if it's somehow related to the current unrest?