It Would Be Logical To Presume

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Coaching dungeoneering, I had solo flooring for awhile, since it's RS gold fairly fast and many teams won't do your floors anyway until you become from the teens. So I had solo until you get access to flooring in the teenagers. Once you get those floors, complete all the ones that you are able to reset, and attempt w117 to find teams and do 5 individual little rushes(meaning complete asap, don't kill uneeded creatures , etc) on 5:5 sophistication 6. Every time you complete all your open floors, reset(for prestige, that provides more xp) and replicate. Do this till you get access to floors 20+. After you can do those, begin performing larges at the end(20+) before you are able to do floor 30(59 dung I believe). After that, do small moves 1-20/25, then perform large rushes for the remainder (still 5:5 complex 6).

Once you get 69, little rush 1-25 and do larges 26+. When you hit flooring 40+(79 dung), begin doing 1-29 small rush, 30+ large rush. And don't forget to reset sophistication every time you complete all of your flooring. Additionally, open any resource dungeons you can for some simple xp. Do not forget to do Tears of Guthix(penguins not really worth it) for easy levels. Dunno more than two.

Well I've been powerslaying for the past few levels but I definately feel like I could improve. I am aware there are some expert powerslayers out there, so hoping you'll encounter this topic. For multi-combat tasks do you advocate Unicorn, Titan or Fighting familiar? Obviously fighting familiar will make my jobs go faster, and Uni will save me food (I'm only 75 defence) and Titan is pretty much a hybrid of the two. Would you say it's more cost efficient to utilize Soul Split to Heal or even a healing recognizable? What Buy old school runescape gold is the ideal fighting familiar up to 89 summoning (preferably that does not give defence xp)?