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Get yourself Magic and Ranged armour and weapon sets (ie Armadyl armour, Mystic robes, Toxic blowpipe and Trident of the swamp), casting runes, food (we urge shark and monkfish), combo food for OSRS gold gaming tick speed functions, anti-venom, ranging, prayer and magical potions (for the previous one alternatively imbued heart), ring of recoils, some form of teleportation such as Home Tablet and last but definitely not least runes for Vengeance spell. To be able to unlock the fight you are going to have to achieve Port Tyras in Regicide questline. Once that's been done you are going to have to offer yourself as a forfeit to Top Priestess Zul Harcinqa, after that you are ready to go and try your luck using serpent god.

Last manager of Dragon Slayer II quest series with appropriate equipment, stats and piece of skill can be taken down thirty times a hour yielding crazy amounts of gold each hour. Obviously collecting right gear set is not easy but with Runescape 2107 gold enough effort it's totally achievable, here's what you will need to successfully tackle it - at least 90th level of Hitpoints and Ranged skills, 80 in Defence, 74 in Prayer, Dragon hunter crossbow (it's the greatest possible weapon for this fight, allowing you to up kill count to even 34 kills per hour as your abilities grow!) As usual bring some kind of teleportation thing (such as easy banking) and Rune pouch. Good luck!