Both hard and elite caskets have between four and six rewards

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QUEST JOURNAL. By opening Quest Journal, in the RuneScape gold game you may obtain access to the list of missions both available and those that were previously done. It's an easy means of tracking which of these you still have to finish. By picking among these, a window will open with hints of how to finish another step that might lead you to finish your task.

Quests like Cook's Assistant, Rune Mysteries, Ernest the Chicken, Dwarf Cannon, Vampire Slayer, Restless Ghost or Recruitment Push are marked as Novice because they do not have almost any prerequisites for completion. Adventurers, who wish to finish them don't need to level up several abilities and usually are not challenged by difficult tasks.

TYPES OF QUESTS. Regular quests - People are just ordinary quests which tell a short narrative and are conducive to additional quests. Quest series - they are quite common in RuneScape as many quests relate to one another. They're chained by precisely the same story line using the exact characters and usually completion of one is a requirement to start another. There are also situations when one quest is connected to many others at the Runescape gold 2107 exact same time which all end their stories at the end of the final quest. Vast majority of these quests revolve around one big area or a continents where completing the pursuit opens the gates to the bigger area.