The next generation of Madden 21 is here, but is it worth it?

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One month after Take-Two released the next NBA 2K21 version, EA Sports entered the highly optimized version Madden21. But does it pass or fail?

EA Sports Madden franchise has resolved many controversies in the past few months due to the slow release of the current version of Madden, lack of support for the main game modes and the price ofMadden Ultimate Team bundle and the sudden increase in players . Strongly opposed. However, with the release of the next version of Madden 21, EA has at least a chance to solve these problems. The new version officially released on December 3 brought many opportunities.

It has been more than a month now, so we have time to understand this. So, is the Electronic Arts and Madden development team landing for the next best work? Let us understand Madden 21 Coins in depth.

EA Sports promises to bring a new look to the new generation of Madden. In fact, it has contributed in many ways. The face scan of the new generation Madden 21 looks better than the previous generation, just like the panorama inside and outside the stadium. In addition, EA added demo graphics and added a new game search screen. Madden 21 also outlines the next-generation NFL statistics, which are revealed during game operations, go beyond traditional sports data, and show the pace and indicators that are usually achieved after the big game. These look like small plugins, but at least these additions have a certain depth in presentation.

In terms of gameplay, the new generation of Madden 21 provides some new changes. The running animation looks clearer, and the AI ??positioning looks slightly improved. However, in Madden's gameplay, Buy Madden 21 Coins still has very attractive non-working animations. We have also seen that AI sometimes encounters problems when recognizing loose footballs after a swing, and this problem will be resolved in the near future.