Employment without experience: objective first contract

Overcoming the limitations imposed on us by our environment, or those that we impose on ourselves, is fundamental, both for launching a successful career and for prospering in the long term.

If you're looking for a job without any credible experience, be confident in your ab

Finding a job without experience is a thorny path. Some people start providing small help such as help with research paper, or carwashing. But if you want to find a real job you should stick to the following rules:

1. Believe what you know. One of the most logical ways to be considered for a position is to obtain relevant credentials. This can be in the form of a specialized degree or specific training. One of the areas where more professionals are in demand at this time is programming. The gap in unfilled positions makes companies assume that looking for traditional computer programmers will not help them meet this need. Therefore, they have started to open their doors to people with qualities, who do not require computer science degrees. At Google, for example, according to The Wall Street Journal, nearly 15 percent of the team members working in programming do not have a college degree. With training at places like the Codeacademy, you can gain enough experience to enter for the first time and gain a foothold at the entry level

2. Be creative. If you're looking for a job without experience, even if you don't have a technical or specialized degree, you have to be creative. This is the only way to stand out from the crowd. Sign up to volunteer and you will have the opportunity to do a wide variety of activities that will help you develop some new skills while allowing you to gain experience.

3. Be willing to start at the bottom. If you already have a college degree, you may be overqualified for many entry-level jobs. But you have to start somewhere. Doing so gives you an opportunity to get to know the company better, and that's something recruiters will appreciate when they need to fill other types of positions.

4. Bet on yourself. You know what you're worth, and even though you don't have a job yet, you have an equally valuable asset: time. Make the most of this resource, with creativity and energy; and don't be afraid to offer your services to companies, even for free. You can take an interest in the tasks that are not done in the business on time and offer to take them on. Your good abilities and willingness will probably assure you compensation, but, by delivering results you may gain a position in the business, of which you already know part of the operation and in which you have been able to integrate, contributing value.

When looking for a job without experience, try not to close doors. Reinvent your future, open yourself up to alternatives to the direction you had planned to take and create a list of target companies. And don't forget to demonstrate that you have the skills the company is looking for, even if they are based on non-professional experience.