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I dont disagree with Madden nfl 21 coins this, but year in and year out individuals request advancement to franchise, im sure a great 90 percent of the fan base would be willing to sacrifice non-sense game-modes including The Yard, Superstar KO, and Longshot for a good franchise improvments. Oh absoulutely. I love the fantastic thoughts but you'd think that they would operate to earn the base manners better instead of merely including a ton of other modes just because they could. I truly wish Longshot was not something. Folks want to have a Great version of Madden AND NFL Street. They don't want two shitty versions bundled into one match. Don't overlook that r/Madden signifies a tiny minority of the total Madden participant population, and just making things that people request directly is a poor way to innovate. I appreciate your perspective! Been waiting for a team play style that doesn't require countless hours of grinding because Madden 12. Talk for yourself.

LMAO this game is already pure trash and it hasn't even been played and released. You can snap to any player on the area? Trash. You can score 13 points in a single play by intercepting the ball and performing laterals and a 3 POINT CONVERSION LOL. And still only 3v3. . Stop buying this trash sport individuals. It hurts because it looks great, like they have put so much effort into this participant experience, given it a lot of thought and hard work. I would get this for 20$ no matter, but why is it becoming priority within Mut 21 coins for sale franchise? This mode officially sounds amazing. I am not into the simulation or pay to acquire culture of Ultimate Team, but I have always enjoyed arcadey sports and frequently times find them the most fun competitively too. Sounds amazing. This is what they did instead of franchise. Not a single soul asked for or wanted this. Pathetic.