There is also a chance that you may receive a Clue Scroll drop

There is also a chance that you may receive a Clue Scroll drop

Master Clue Scrolls - Though Master Clues areRS gold the toughest to finish, they're not as hard to acquire. There are now two ways to get them in Old School RuneScape. The first method involves finishing easier Clues. On Easy Difficulty, it is 1/50 opportunity, on Medium 1/30, on Tough 1/15 and Elite 1/5. So the sole Clue Scroll that does not have the Master Clue Scroll as the reward is for beginners.

Another manner of getting them entails a bargain which you may make with NPC Watson at Hosidius House. He will trade you that his Master Clue Scroll for four other scrolls - Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite. It's a great method of dumping scrolls that you cannot finish. If you are stuck on one of the puzzles, then you can give it away to Watson and farm for a new one to begin over.

There is also a chance that you may receive a Clue Scroll drop from skilling. A opportunity to receive one rises with the caliber of the material you're working with. For example, when you are woodcutting, you may get Clue Scrolls more frequently from Yew trees than ordinary ones, when Mining, you may receive more hints from Runite stone than from Iron. Throughout skilling, you have a 28.5percent chance for Beginner or Easy Clue Scroll, 21.4% likelihood for a Moderate one, 14.2% for a Difficult, and 7.1% chance for Elite.

Another way to get Clue Scrolls (and probably the fastest) is to buy Implings, which were previously captured in a jar. Opening said impling containers could bring about a Clue Scroll reward. Therefore, if you would like to find a quick access to Treasure Trail of your choice, you can go with this route. The downside is that this method is quite costly. You'll need to spend quite a lot if you want to get adequate difficulty scrolls from the jars.

Reward Casket (beginner) Although hints from this grade have the smallest requirements, there are still a few drops, which can be very valuable. First of all, you have a chance to roll up a reward from a unique drop table at the speed of 1/24 for every drop that you get. So in case you receive three drops, then it leaves you 1/8 possibility of getting a unique. Obviously, if you're lucky, then you can become even three of them within one casket. The worth of things in this table returns largely from 10k to 100k, however there are a few exceptions like Rune Scimitar Ornament Kit (Zamorak), which may be sold for around 500k gold onbuy RuneScape gold Grand Exchange. Besides specific drops, there is not anything worth mentioning in these caskets.