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Grinding Gear Games is preparing to release the latest expansion for Path of Exile this Friday, Echoes of the Atlas. We learned about these high-level details in the live broadcast last week, and GGG has provided players with more in-depth news about variousnew mechanisms in the past few days.

There was an on-site QA immediately after the speech last week, and you can view the results of the meeting here. This provides a deeper understanding of Atlas passive component changes, and here shows the POE Currency changes. This led to a follow-up blog post in which GGG explained its reasons for the change to Ascendency Class, which was a response to some feedback that was usually generated by changing major parts of any game.

The company also prepared a design manifesto yesterday that further explained the reasons behind the changes and other balancing work, and detailed many other minor changes to this extension. If you need all these features, please post full patch notes, which you can find in POECurrency.

Path of Exile: Echoes of the PC version of Atlas will be released at 11 am on Friday, January 15 and PCD will be released at 11 am on Wednesday, January 20. You can POE Items Buy on the POECurrency website as soon as it is released, which allows you to perform more prominently in the game and upgrade faster.