Best Sites to Chat and Learn English

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an experienced speaker, online chats are a great way to improve your communication skills and gain new perspective.

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They provide a low-pressure environment where you can prepare your answers beforehand and practice them with a script before you log on. Chatting online will also allow you to practice different kinds of conversational styles and learn how native speakers speak English Chatting. Listed below are some of the best sites to chat and learn English:


If you'd like to chat with people from around the world and learn English at the same time, Italki is for you. It offers a wide range of options, including voice, text, and video chat. With the app, you can schedule lessons with teachers and learn the language of your choice. It also has a free discussion forum, where you can ask language partner requests and ask questions about cultural differences. You can also record lessons to practice later.

Italki makes it easy to communicate with native speakers. Though it may not look like a social network, it has lots of users willing to share their knowledge of English. You can use this platform to find conversation exchange partners and teachers from all over the world. You can even use it to practice your conversational skills in real life. By connecting with people from other countries, you'll become more comfortable in speaking the language and will learn more with time.


WeSpeke is a platform that is both simple and effective, allowing users to practice speaking a foreign language with native speakers from around the world. Unlike other chat sites that use video chat to teach language skills, WeSpeke lets you chat with native speakers in different languages, using either text or audio. WeSpeke is also easy to use, allowing you to switch between text and audio chat modes without losing your place in the conversation.

You can browse through profiles and browse through different topics by country, interest, or native language. There's no pressure to speak, so you can keep notes in front of you and practice your script before you log on. Plus, there are a lot of other people to chat with, which helps you build your own vocabulary. You can even share notes and bookmarks to remember the phrases you'd like to use in conversation.


With language exchange apps, you have the option of meeting an endless number of people. But, you'll rarely develop a deep connection with one person. Bilingua offers an elegant interface, as well as help in finding "the one". The app pairs you with people who share your interests, language level, and personality. With the intelligent chat feature, you'll have the opportunity to converse with people who share your interests.

The app's main feature is its ability to match you with other users who speak your target language. Unlike other language exchange apps, Bilingua matches users based on their personalities and interests. The bot, named Shiro, guides the conversation between two language partners. It can suggest topics to talk about, as well as translate and correct your own language. Bilingua also features games that encourage conversation.


Using Preply for chat and learning English is like having an English teacher on your smartphone. With this app, you can hire a private English tutor for as long as you need them, and you can choose to work with a generalist or an expert in conversational English. You can also purchase packages of six, twelve, or twenty four lessons. You can schedule a tutor at any time of the day or night, and all sessions are refundable with at least four hours notice. These apps are convenient and effective ways to learn English in the most effective manner possible.

Preply matches users with a private, certified English tutor. The platform allows users to choose a tutor by their country of origin, specialty, and price. New signups are required to take a placement test to determine their level and learn the language, and afterward, are given an estimate of how much time they need to study. Preply offers different learning plans, with each one focusing on specific skills and helping you speak the language from the very first lesson.