Animal Crossing tool helps predict your weather, shooting stars

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have a powerful new tool, thanks to a popular character in the community, which can help them track the weather.

MeteoNook, currently in Alpha status, can be used to predict rainfall and meteor showers. Ninji, the creator of the app, is known in the New Horizons community for data mining and sharing information. This extraordinary data miner discovered secrets such as the return of Redd and his art sales, villagers moving out, and special characters visiting the island. By the way, if you buy Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket, you can skip the tedious cultivation process and quickly log in to the island.

The tool helps players calculate when they can see meteor showers, rainbows, northern lights and daily weather changes.

In order to use MeteoNook correctly, the player must input a lot of data. Ninji has written instructions on how to do this here. It involves tracking the weather changes on the island and carefully entering this information into the site so that your "seeds" can be found. Once you have enough information, MeteoNook can tell you what to do next. Ninji explained this in further detail on the MeteoNook website, writing:

There are over 2 billion possible weather seeds, but there is only one island suitable for you. MeteoNook will carefully study each possibility, calculate the weather conditions, and then check based on the data you provide. If it doesnt make sense (for example, you say you rained at a given time, but the seed will make it clear), ignore this possibility.

During the testing process, we successfully implemented the following combinations...

Known dates between 5 and 7 showers

The known hour and minute time of a star in a light rain is between 1 and 3 hours

Known hours, minutes and seconds of several different stars in a shower

Known dates and times of 5 to 7 rainbows

For "new horizon" fans who want to plan ahead, tracking the weather is very useful. Rainwater affects the types of fish that players can catch, and meteor showers give players valuable pieces of stars that can be used to make crafts. Of course, if you Buy Animal Crossing Bells, you can also get these fragments.

Unfortunately, because Celeste randomly appears on your island one day of the week, it cannot be tracked using this tool. However, this tool fascinates New Horizons' internal logic and makes the task of finding double rainbows less difficult.