Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a KFC fast food island

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Since Nintendo first released Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March, this game has immediately become a popular game, ensuring its status as a true cultural phenomenon and quickly becoming the fastest-selling game on consoles. Several companies and brands have seized the opportunity to create fun games: from publishing entire streetwear collections, creating virtual museum tours to becoming stages for interviews and podcasts, and hosting art exhibitions, everyone has found a unique way to enjoy the game. If you want to unlock more gameplay on the island, you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells. Now, joining the fun is KFC in the Philippines, which has created its own virtual restaurant on the island.

Starting Wednesday, KFC Philippines Branch has its own island in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", players can visit a cute KFC restaurant with red and white stalls and chairs, checkout counter, menu, buffet and small Bucket fried chicken. If your animal crossing character wants to eat fried chicken, or just want to get along with Colonel Sanders, then you can come to this virtual fast food restaurant.

From the official video, the island has been carefully decorated and remodeled to recreate a franchise restaurant. Don't miss any details, including themed booths and chairs, menus with real menu items and outdoor entertainment areas. The islands code is sometimes posted on the KFC Philippines branchs Twitter account to allow lucky players to access the island, and those who manage to find the virtual colonel Colonel Sanders can even get eight meals for free.

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